Product Recovery Systems (pigging)


In most cases perfectly good product left in the pipe line would normally be put to drain.  A Product Recovery System installed in the pipe line recovers any product that would go to waste ( i.e. flushed to drain).  Malrex work in conjunction with Martec for design and supply of a proven cost effective Product Recovery System which range from 50mm diameter to 150mm diameter.

A 'Marplug' can be used for a multitude of applications. These applications include cleaning and inspection of the pipeline but can also be used during any section of a transfer process, for example, blending, storage or filling systems.

Malrex / Martec Product Recovery Systems are already installed in a lot of industries handling toiletries, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and the beverage industry.  The system can be adapted to retreive almost any product using existing pipe lines if required or on site installation of new pipe work.  A complete service is offered via Malrex / Martec.

Pigging has many benefits, such as

  • Less effluent costs
  • More profit for the manufacturer
  • Cleaner Pipework
  • Less waste
  • Increase in available production time
  • Improved product quality and consistency
  • Increase in product yield, to name but a few!


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