Small Breweries

Small breweries or micro-breweries are extremely popular as they tend to use traditional methods and produce more distinctive and flavoursome beers thus resulting in a wide choice of good quality products.

Malrex have been at the forefront of the recent micro brewery explosion supplying both full breweries and one off bespoke vessels to a large portion of the market both home and abroad.

We all have to start somewhere and in most cases with a limited budget, resulting in second hand or previously used plant, which was not originally designed for the brewing process.  We generally find that in a lot of cases we can provide brand new purpose built equipment at a competitive cost in comparison to refurbishing second hand plant.  We can only advise on this but will happily work with your prefered option.

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External Wort Boilers

Some micro breweries soon out grow their original buildings and plant and a new and bigger approach is required. Enter the external wort boiler or EWB.

A steam supply is passed around a series of captive tubes and heats the wort whilst recirculating through the Copper.



                Hydro testing of a 30BBL EWB.  And installed at Buxton Brewery.                                                                                        






With Malrex no nosense approach an installation is possible. A safe and worry free program can get your plant installed and running to your requirements.

With their years of experience advice is always at hand for the fledgling brewer, like wise for the more experienced hand adaptability is the name of the game.







    Loaded and ready to go!                                                                                                                    Day one of install 


Unloaded and ready for ingress. Firebrick brewery.                                                                               Pipework being made. Charnwood brewery.




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